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The reform of football governance

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 13363 | 05 December 2013

Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media

Transparency, accountability and ethics in football governance are closely linked with the promotion of the social function of sport and the fight against corruption. Backing good football governance can significantly contribute to upholding the values of our democratic societies and to guarantee the “rule of law”. These are key aims of the Council of Europe and of its Parliamentary Assembly.

While recognising and respecting the principle of autonomy of football organisations, there is a need to secure that they adhere to, and promote, the highest ethical standards. Sport in general and football in particular are not just “private businesses” but they are of “public interest”. Sports autonomy shall not shield corruption, bribery or malpractice.

Sports organisations have a clear duty to adhere to, and promote, human rights.

Therefore, the Assembly shall encourage and support reforms which are intended to enhance transparency, accountability and ethics in international and European football governance. To this aim the Assembly shall develop concrete proposals and address them to FIFA, UEFA and other stakeholders.