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European institutions and human rights in Europe

Recommendation 2065 (2015)

Parliamentary Assembly
Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 6 March 2015 (see Doc. 13714, report of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, rapporteur: Mr Michael McNamara).
1. Referring to its Resolution 2041 (2015) on European institutions and human rights in Europe, the Parliamentary Assembly calls on the Committee of Ministers to:
1.1 take all necessary action to ensure that negotiations on European Union accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ETS No. 5) are resumed as quickly as possible, and to report back to the Assembly on the state of play of this process;
1.2 streamline and structure co-operation and dialogue with European Union institutions and agencies, at all levels, so that such co-operation and dialogue is conducted on a regular basis by relevant bodies of the Council of Europe;
1.3 examine the possible impact of the European Commission’s proposal “A new EU Framework to strengthen Rule of Law” on European Union co-operation with the Council of Europe and follow any developments concerning the implementation of this proposal and/or any other similar initiatives taken by European Union institutions in this area.
2. Moreover, referring to its Resolution 1884 (2012) on austerity measures – a danger for democracy and social rights and Resolution 2032 (2015) on equality and the crisis, the Assembly reiterates its concerns about the impact on social and economic rights of the austerity measures taken following the conclusion of financial assistance agreements by certain States belonging to the eurozone with the European Commission and/or the European Central Bank. It therefore calls on the Committee of Ministers to undertake, in co-operation with the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, an expert study to prepare a catalogue of “criteria for the imposition of austerity measures”, in compliance with requirements of the European Social Charter (revised) (ETS No. 163), as determined by the European Committee of Social Rights.