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The fight against the sale of children produced through surrogacy

Written question No. 682 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 13765 | 22 April 2015

Question from
Mr Krzysztof SZCZERSKI, Poland, EC

It is established, in the case of Paradiso and Campanelli v. Italy (European Court of Human Rights, Application No, 25358/12), that the company “Rosjurconsulting” based in Moscow had sold in March 2011 a child to an Italian couple for the sum of €49 000. This child, produced through surrogacy, has no genetic link with the owners. The Russian authorities delivered a birth certificate indicating the owners as “parents”.

Considering that the sale of children is prohibited by European and International law and has been denounced several times by Parliamentary Assembly Recommendations 1443 (2000) and 1828 (2008) and Resolution 1909 (2012).

Whereas the owners of the child are being prosecuted in Italy, the Russian authorities have not undertaken any action against the company, nor introduced any legislation in order to prevent such sales of children in the future.

Mr Szczerski,

To ask the Committee of Ministers,

What measures is it taking, or willing to take in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the prohibition of the sale of children within the member States of the Council of Europe?