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Judicial corruption: urgent need to implement the Assembly’s proposals

Recommendation 2087 (2016)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 29 January 2016 (9th Sitting) (see Doc. 13824 and addendum, report of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, rapporteur: Mr Kimmo Sasi). Text adopted by the Assembly on 29 January 2016 (9th Sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly, recalling its Resolution 2098 (2016) on judicial corruption: urgent need to implement the Assembly’s proposals, reiterates its conviction that corruption within the judiciary erodes the credibility of the judicial system, threatens the rule of law and impedes the effective protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
2. The Assembly welcomes the fact that the fight against corruption was among the Council of Europe’s priorities for the 2014-2015 biennium. It underscores the importance of continued and concerted efforts in preventing and eradicating all forms of corrupt practices, especially within the judiciary.
3. The Assembly renews its call on the Committee of Ministers, made in Recommendation 1896 (2010) on judicial corruption, to:
3.1 draft a model code of conduct directed at judicial officials, along the lines of the model code of conduct for public officials appended to Committee of Ministers Recommendation No. R (2000) 10 on codes of conduct for public officials;
3.2 gather and regularly update statistics on prosecutions and convictions of judges for corruption in member States.