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Justice for Giulio Regeni

Written declaration No. 605 | Doc. 14036 | 21 April 2016

Mr Michele NICOLETTI, Italy, SOC ; Ms Boriana ÅBERG, Sweden, EPP/CD ; Mr Jean-Charles ALLAVENA, Monaco, EPP/CD ; Mr Francesco Maria AMORUSO, Italy, ALDE ; Lord Donald ANDERSON, United Kingdom, SOC ; Ms Ingrid ANTIČEVIĆ MARINOVIĆ, Croatia, SOC ; Ms Anna ASCANI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Deniz BAYKAL, Turkey, SOC ; Ms Maria Teresa BERTUZZI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Jokin BILDARRATZ, Spain, ALDE ; Ms Gülsün BİLGEHAN, Turkey, SOC ; Ms Tamara BLAZINA, Italy, SOC ; Ms Maryvonne BLONDIN, France, SOC ; Ms Sílvia Eloïsa BONET, Andorra, SOC ; Ms Anne BRASSEUR, Luxembourg, ALDE ; Mr Roland Rino BÜCHEL, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Valentina BULIGA, Republic of Moldova, SOC ; Mr Liam BYRNE, United Kingdom, SOC ; Ms Elena CENTEMERO, Italy, EPP/CD ; Mr José CEPEDA, Spain, SOC ; Mr Khalid CHAOUKI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Irakli CHIKOVANI, Georgia, ALDE ; Mr Vannino CHITI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Paolo CORSINI, Italy, SOC ; Mr David CRAUSBY, United Kingdom, SOC ; Ms Pascale CROZON, France, SOC ; Mr Hendrik DAEMS, Belgium, ALDE ; Mr David DAVIES, United Kingdom, EC ; Ms Cristina DE PIETRO, Italy, ALDE ; Mr Alain DESTEXHE, Belgium, ALDE ; Mr Manlio DI STEFANO, Italy, NR ; Mr Sergio DIVINA, Italy, NR ; Ms Josette DURRIEU, France, SOC ; Mr Claudio FAZZONE, Italy, EPP/CD ; Ms Doris FIALA, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Ute FINCKH-KRÄMER, Germany, SOC ; Mr Axel FISCHER, Germany, EPP/CD ; Lord George FOULKES, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Jean-Claude FRÉCON, France, SOC ; Ms Béatrice FRESKO-ROLFO, Monaco, EPP/CD ; Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ, Switzerland, SOC ; Ms Adele GAMBARO, Italy, ALDE ; Mr Karl GARÐARSSON, Iceland, ALDE ; Mr Gerardo GIOVAGNOLI, San Marino, SOC ; Mr Francesco Maria GIRO, Italy, EPP/CD ; Ms Valgerður GUNNARSDÓTTIR, Iceland, EC ; Mr Jonas GUNNARSSON, Sweden, SOC ; Mr Domagoj HAJDUKOVIĆ, Croatia, SOC ; Mr Alfred HEER, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Gabriela HEINRICH, Germany, SOC ; Mr John HOWELL, United Kingdom, EC ; Mr Johannes HÜBNER, Austria, NR ; Ms Eva-Lena JANSSON, Sweden, SOC ; Mr Mogens JENSEN, Denmark, SOC ; Mr Carles JORDANA, Andorra, ALDE ; Mr İlhan KESİCİ, Turkey, SOC ; Ms Nellija KLEINBERGA, Latvia, ALDE ; Mr Haluk KOÇ, Turkey, SOC ; Mr Eduard KÖCK, Austria, EPP/CD ; Mr Florian KRONBICHLER, Italy, SOC ; Ms Stella KYRIAKIDES, Cyprus, EPP/CD ; Ms Athina KYRIAKIDOU, Cyprus, SOC ; Mr Pierre-Yves LE BORGN', France, SOC ; Mr Anže LOGAR, Slovenia, EPP/CD ; Mr Filippo LOMBARDI, Switzerland, EPP/CD ; Ms Kerstin LUNDGREN, Sweden, ALDE ; Mr Dirk Van der MAELEN, Belgium, SOC ; Mr Khalid MAHMOOD, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Philippe MAHOUX, Belgium, SOC ; Mr Muslum MAMMADOV, Azerbaijan, SOC ; Baroness Doreen MASSEY, United Kingdom, SOC ; Ms Meritxell MATEU, Andorra, ALDE ; Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER, Switzerland, SOC ; Sir Alan MEALE, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Augusto MICHELOTTI, San Marino, UEL ; Ms Christine MUTTONEN, Austria, SOC ; Mr Luis Alberto ORELLANA, Italy, ALDE ; Ms Judith PALLARÉS, Andorra, ALDE ; Mr Bernard PASQUIER, Monaco, ALDE ; Mr John PRESCOTT, United Kingdom, SOC ; Ms Catherine QUÉRÉ, France, SOC ; Mr Andrea RIGONI, Italy, ALDE ; Ms Melisa RODRÍGUEZ HERNÁNDEZ, Spain, ALDE ; Ms Soraya RODRÍGUEZ RAMOS, Spain, SOC ; Ms Azadeh ROJHAN GUSTAFSSON, Sweden, SOC ; Mr René ROUQUET, France, SOC ; Ms Milena SANTERINI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Axel SCHÄFER, Germany, SOC ; Mr Nikolaus SCHERAK, Austria, ALDE ; Mr Andreas SCHIEDER, Austria, SOC ; Ms Olena SOTNYK, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms Maria Edera SPADONI, Italy, NR ; Ms Petra De SUTTER, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Chiora TAKTAKISHVILI, Georgia, ALDE ; Mr Damien THIÉRY, Belgium, ALDE ; Mr Manuel TORNARE, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr Francesco VERDUCCI, Italy, SOC ; Ms Gisela WURM, Austria, SOC ; Mr Jordi XUCLÀ, Spain, ALDE ; Ms Sandra ZAMPA, Italy, SOC ; Ms Alina ZOTEA, Republic of Moldova, ALDE ; Mr Levon ZOURABIAN, Armenia, ALDE

On 3rdFebruary 2016 Giulio Regeni, a 28-year-old Italian national, was abducted, savagely tortured and killed in Cairo, where he was conducting research into Egyptian trade unions as a Cambridge PhD student.

Italian authorities and the European academic community have called upon the Egyptian authorities to shed full light on the facts. After two months answers have been reticent and completely unsatisfactory.

We express our utmost condemnation of this intolerable incident and our solidarity to Giulio’s family and to the families of all victims of violence and torture.

Considering that Egypt has signed the United Nations Convention against torture and that Article 52 of its Constitution states that there is no statute of limitations for the crime of torture in all its forms, we urge the Egyptian government to ensure full co-operation in the search for truth on Giulio Regeni’s death.

We call upon our governments to exert any appropriate pressure on Egypt, which must ensure its active commitment to the respect for human rights and full international co-operation. Only in this way can Egypt safeguard its credibility as a country moving along the path of democracy and the rule of law.