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Social security contributions by Spanish sailors in Norway

Reply to Written question | Doc. 14056 | 04 May 2016

Committee of Ministers
Adopted at the 1254th meeting of the Ministers Deputies (27 April 2016). 2016 - Third part-session
Reply to Written question
: Written question no. 696 (Doc. 13904)
1. During examination of this question, the Norwegian delegation informed the Committee of Ministers that the Norwegian authorities have undertaken a thorough examination of these claims, as has the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The authorities have concluded that there are no legal arguments to support the claim of the Spanish sailors. The Committee of Ministers was also informed that the Spanish sailors have brought the case before the competent Norwegian courts. On 11 March 2016, a collective complaint was also lodged before the European Committee of Social Rights by a Norwegian trade union on behalf of the Spanish sailors.
2. The Committee of Ministers reiterates its attachment to Council of Europe standards in the field of workers’ rights, in particular the provisions contained in the European Social Charter, the European Code of Social Security and the European Convention on Human Rights as interpreted by the European Court of Human Rights.