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The situation in Aleppo

Reply to Recommendation | Doc. 14331 | 01 June 2017

Committee of Ministers
Adopted at the 1287th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (31 May 2017). 2017 - Third part-session
Reply to Recommendation
: Recommendation 2096 (2016)
1. The Committee of Ministers informs the Parliamentary Assembly that the following reply was adopted by a majority as provided by Article 20 (d) of the Statute.
2. The Committee of Ministers has closely examined Recommendation 2096 (2016) of the Parliamentary Assembly on “The situation in Aleppo” and recalls its own Declaration on the situation in Syria, adopted in May 2012.
3. The Committee reiterates that only a political solution can end the conflict in Syria. It underlines its support for a genuine political transition based on the Geneva Communiqué of 30 June 2012 and UN Security Council Resolution 2254 that will pave the way for a new constitution and free and fair elections. Like the Assembly, the Committee also fully supports the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Mr Staffan de Mistura, in his efforts for the resumption of the Geneva talks, pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and the Geneva Communiqué. It also takes note of the meetings held in Astana.
4. The Committee of Ministers has brought Recommendation 2096 (2016) to the attention of member States’ governments with a view to encouraging them to take account of the position expressed by the Assembly in its Resolution 2138 (2016). It also calls on all the parties involved to step up their co-operation efforts with a view to agreeing on concerted international action to help put an end to the conflict.
5. Finally, the Committee is appalled by the humanitarian tragedy that has been unfolding in Syria for far too long and underlines that the crisis will continue to deteriorate in the absence of a political solution.