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The case for drafting a European convention on the profession of lawyer

Reply to Recommendation | Doc. 14560 | 17 May 2018

Committee of Ministers
Adopted at the 1316th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (15 May 2018). 2018 - Third part-session
Reply to Recommendation
: Recommendation 2121 (2018)
1. The Committee of Ministers informs the Parliamentary Assembly that it has communicated its Recommendation 2121 (2018) to the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH), the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ), the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) and the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ).
2. The bureaus of these committees have noted that the Assembly’s proposals raise several important issues as to the most appropriate action that might be taken by the Council of Europe and they have asked for an extension of the consultation period until the end of 2018 in order to allow them to discuss these issues during a plenary meeting of their respective committees and to provide a fully considered opinion.
3. The Committee of Ministers will inform the Assembly in due course of the results of these consultations.