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Appointment of a mediator for the return of the wreckage of Polish Air Force Tu-154M

Written question No. 735 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 14786 | 18 December 2018

Question from
Mr Pieter OMTZIGT, Netherlands, EPP/CD

The Parliamentary Assembly passed unanimously Resolution 2246 (2018) on “The crash of Polish Air Force Tu-154M transporting the Polish State delegation” on 10 April 2010 on the Russian Federation’s territory”. It calls on the Russian Federation to hand over the wreckage of the Polish Air Force Tu-154M to the competent Polish authorities without further delay. The Assembly also calls on the governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland to engage in international mediation to achieve the hand-over.

For this I approached the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly to ask the Secretary General of the Council of Europe to nominate a mediator, who is acceptable to both parties.

Mr Omtzigt

To ask the Committee of Ministers,

Which steps have been taken to appoint a mediator, have Poland and the Russian Federation co-operated, who has been appointed as a mediator and what is his mandate, and when will the wreckage be returned?