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Artificial intelligence and labour markets: friend or foe?

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 14778 | 10 December 2018

Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

The spread of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is expected to dramatically change our lives and the way we organise work. As a real game-changer, these technologies may offer countless new opportunities and benefits for many; however, they may also significantly disrupt the current patterns of work as we know them and affect workers’ rights. Policy makers will be challenged in many domains to provide adequate regulatory solutions.

What will human work look like with more and more tasks relegated to man-machine teams or to AI-robots altogether? What is the potential of automation to alleviate crushing workloads and to take over boring mechanical jobs without killing too many human jobs? Which practices should be encouraged and what are the ‘red lines’ not to be transgressed to uphold fundamental human rights, including the social rights of people at work?

The Parliamentary Assembly should explore these questions and contribute proposals for further discussion in the national and European context. It should try to identify the main trends in the field of artificial intelligence in relation to labour markets and connected rights, and consider putting forward policy recommendations, including for a possible Council of Europe legal instrument in the field.