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For a European policy on diasporas

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 14815 | 23 January 2019

Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons

An increasing number of States recognise the growing role of their diasporas and promote their involvement in home policies. To achieve this, they develop national policies for engaging diasporas and adopt governmental strategies for their implementation. Some European countries even appoint ministers for diaspora affairs.

However, in the absence of a common European migration policy, diaspora related policies differ from State to State. Some European States focus on establishing links with their diaspora communities, whilst others foster the role of diasporas in the social inclusion of migrants as a priority. Many European Union member States place greater emphasis on the outflow of human capital and on involving diasporas in development projects. For some European States work with diasporas is limited to promoting cultural co-operation and supporting language and national curriculum schools.

The Parliamentary Assembly, and in particular its Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, has reaffirmed its will to address diaspora-related issues by establishing a sub-committee on diasporas, the aim of which is to develop concrete recommendations on the subject. The conclusions drawn from the first year of activity of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies highlighted the urgent necessity to develop a European strategy for diasporas.

Therefore, the Assembly considers that the current migration challenges also highlight the necessity of elaborating common European approaches to diasporas’ engagement, and of conducting a deep analysis of existing countries’ practices, as well as formulating concrete recommendations on diaspora empowerment and co-operation with national authorities.