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Examination of credentials of representatives and substitutes

Report on credentials | Doc. 14858 | 06 April 2019

1. In accordance with Rule 6, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Rules of Procedure, the President of the Assembly has received credentials of representatives and substitutes for the second part of the 2019 Ordinary Session of the Assembly, which have been transmitted in due form by the competent authorities of member States.
2. The Assembly is called upon to take a decision on the ratification of the credentials of the representatives and substitutes whose names are given below.
3. France has appointed three new substitutes and a substitute has become a representative, following the resignation of Ms Albane Gaillot and to fill two vacant seats.
4. Greece has appointed one new representative and one new substitute, following the resignations of Ms Athanasia Anagnostopoulou and Mr Georgios Mavrotas.
5. Latvia has appointed a new representative following the resignation of Mr Artis Pabriks.
6. Ukraine: A substitute has become a representative and a representative has become a substitute.
7. In the case of objection or justified contestation, the contested credentials shall be referred without debate to the appropriate committee, which shall report back to the Assembly in accordance with Rules 7 and 8 of the Rules of Procedure.

1 Members

1.1 France

1.1.1 Representative

M. Bertrand BOUYX (La République en Marche)

1.1.2 Substitutes

M. Dimitri HOUBRON (La République en Marche)

Mme Martine LEGUILLE BALLOY (La République en Marche)

Mme Martine WONNER (La République en Marche)

1.2 Greece

1.2.1 Representative

Mr Georgios KYRITSIS (SY.RIZ.A.)

1.2.2 Substitute

Ms Elissavet SKOUFA (SY.RIZ.A.)

1.3 Latvia

1.3.1 Representative

Ms Marija GOLUBEVA ("Development/For!")

1.4 Ukraine

1.4.1 Representative

Mr Vadym NOVYNSKYI (Opposition Bloc)

1.4.2 Substitute

Ms Yuliya LOVOCHKINA (Opposition Bloc)