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Expenditure of the Parliamentary Assembly for the biennium 2020-2021

Amendment No. 1 | Doc. 14901 | 24 June 2019

Mr Martin POLIAČIK, Slovak Republic, ALDE ; Ms Reina de BRUIJN-WEZEMAN, Netherlands, ALDE ; Mr Hendrik DAEMS, Belgium, ALDE ; Ms Marie-Christine DALLOZ, France, EPP/CD ; Mr Michael Aastrup JENSEN, Denmark, ALDE
2019 - Third part-session
In the draft resolution, after paragraph 5, insert the following paragraph:

"In case the Russian Federation pays its due contributions, the Assembly will not accept a reduction of its expenditure, it being understood that it will continue the modernization of its working methods."

Explanatory note

The proposed text underlines that the PACE is under obligation to continue to modernize its working methods.