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The functioning of democratic institutions in Poland

Amendment No. 22 | Doc. 15025 | 27 January 2020

Mr Dominik TARCZYŃSKI, Poland, EC/DA ; Ms Iwona ARENT, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Marek AST, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Włodzimierz BERNACKI, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Daniel MILEWSKI, Poland, EC/DA ; Mr Arkadiusz MULARCZYK, Poland, EC/DA
2020 - First part-session

In the draft resolution, paragraph 7.3, delete the following sentences:

"This is compounded by the equally excessive powers given to the Minister as Prosecutor General and the absence of a counterbalance by a genuinely independent National Council of the Judiciary. These powers need to be reduced and proper legal checks and balances need to be introduced in the relevant legislation".