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Examination of credentials of representatives and substitutes

Report on credentials | Doc. 15097 | 28 April 2020

1. In accordance with Rule 6, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Rules of Procedure, the President of the Assembly has received the credentials of representatives and substitutes which have been transmitted in due form by the competent authorities of member States for ratification by the Standing Committee.
2. The Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, is called upon to take a decision on the ratification of the credentials of the representatives and substitutes whose names are given below.
3. Azerbaijan appointed a new delegation following early parliamentary elections.
4. Germany: a substitute has become a representative to fill an empty seat and a new substitute was appointed.
5. Norway appointed a new substitute following the resignation of Mr Mudassar Kapur.
6. In case of objection or justified contestation, the contested credentials shall be referred without debate to the appropriate committee, which shall report back to the Assembly in accordance with Rules 7 and 8 of the Rules of Procedure.

1 Members

1.1 Azerbaijan

1.1.1 Representatives

Ms Nigar ARPADARAI (Independent)

Mr Tural GANJALIYEV (Independent)

Mr Sabir HAJlYEV (Civil Unity Party)

Mr Rafael HUSEYNOV (Civil Solidarity Party)

Mr Kamal JAFAROV (New Azerbaijan Party)

Mr Samad SEYIDOV (New Azerbaijan Party)

1.1.2 Substitutes

Ms Sevinj FATALIYEVA (New Azerbaijan Party)

Mr Erkin GADIRLI (Independent)

Ms Parvin KARIMZADA (New Azerbaijan Party)

Mr Asim MOLLAZADA (Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party)

Mr Fazil MUSTAFA (Great Creation Party)

Ms Konul NURULLAYEVA (Independent)

1.2 Germany

1.2.1 Representative


1.2.2 Substitute


1.3 Norway

1.3.1 Substitute

Mr Aleksander STOKKEBØ (Conservative Party)