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Progress of the Assembly’s monitoring procedure (January-December 2020)

Amendment No. 7 | Doc. 15211 | 24 January 2021

Mr Leonid KALASHNIKOV, Russian Federation, UEL ; Mr Aleksandr BASHKIN, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Sergey FABRICHNYY, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Sergey KISLYAK, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Irina RUKAVISHNIKOVA, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Leonid SLUTSKIY, Russian Federation, NR
2021 - First part-session
In the draft resolution, at the end of paragraph 9.14, insert the following words:

", systematic violation of international legal obligations to respect the linguistic rights of national minorities in connection with the adoption and implementation of the laws of Ukraine: "On education", "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language", "About complete general secondary education"; provoking inter-religious conflicts by the means of state intervention in the religious organizations' activities, including imposing pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church; expressing support towards right-wing and neo-Nazi organizations at the governmental and municipal administration levels."