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The protection of victims of arbitrary displacement

Recommendation 2197 (2021)

Parliamentary Assembly
Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 19 March 2021 (see Doc. 15219, report of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, rapporteur: Mr Fabien Gouttefarde).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 2367 (2021) “The protection of victims of arbitrary displacement” and emphasises the importance of European co-operation in the protection against arbitrary displacement, in particular through prosecuting and punishing such displacement and offering protection to victims.
2. Therefore, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
2.1 prepare guidelines for member States on universal jurisdiction of national courts for arbitrary displacement and other war crimes or crimes against humanity;
2.2 strengthen law-enforcement co-operation among member States and with non-member States regarding the prosecution and punishment of arbitrary displacement;
2.3 call on member States to sign and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism (CETS No. 198), and closely co-operate with non-member States in this field;
2.4 invite member States to contribute to the Trust Fund for Victims established in accordance with Article 79 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court, and establish co-operation of the Council of Europe with this Trust Fund in respect of victims residing in Europe.