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The Assembly's vision on the strategic priorities for the Council of Europe

Recommendation 2199 (2021)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 20 April 2021 (10th sitting) (see Doc. 15252, report of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, rapporteur: Mr Tiny Kox). Text adopted by the Assembly on 20 April 2021 (11th sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly deems that it is its duty to contribute to the ongoing reflection on the strategic priorities of the Council of Europe for the coming years, so as to enable it to play its statutory role fully and to help to realise the potential of Europe’s oldest and largest treaty-based organisation, as formulated in the Statute of the Council of Europe (ETS No. 1).
2. To this end, the Assembly calls on the Committee of Ministers to take into account, in its discussions on the eve of the forthcoming ministerial session in May 2021, the views contained in Resolution 2369 (2021) “The Assembly’s vision for the strategic priorities of the Council of Europe”.
3. The Assembly will continue its strategic reflection on the future of the Council of Europe and ways to further increase its political relevance; preserve and reaffirm its own identity as an independent forum for comprehensive and inclusive political dialogue and co-operation; and ensure that it remains the pillar of democratic security and effective multilateralism in Europe and a cornerstone of European political architecture. It stands ready to engage in a constructive institutional dialogue with the Committee of Ministers on this matter.