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The Assembly's vision on the strategic priorities for the Council of Europe

Reply to Recommendation | Doc. 15371 | 16 September 2021

Committee of Ministers
Adopted at the 1410th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (8 September 2021). 2021 - Fourth part-session
Reply to Recommendation
: Recommendation 2199 (2021)
1. The Committee of Ministers examined thoroughly Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 2199 (2021) “The Assembly’s vision on the strategic priorities for the Council of Europe” in the context of the preparation of the 131st Session of the Committee of Ministers (Hamburg (videoconference), 21 May 2021).
2. In this respect, the Committee of Ministers recalls its decisions adopted in Hamburg on “The Strategic Framework of the Council of Europe and forthcoming activities”, and their Annex: “The Council of Europe in the coming four years”. It recalls that it noted that “The Committee of Ministers has the key role in providing political guidance, leadership and impetus to the work of the Organisation, while recognising the important role of the Parliamentary Assembly in supporting democracy and taking political initiatives, and acknowledging the executive functions of the Secretary General, being responsible for the overall co‑ordination, communication and implementation of the Programme and Budget of the Organisation.” (paragraph 6).
3. It also underlined that: “Since the Ministerial Session in Helsinki in 2019, contacts and co-operation between the statutory organs of the Organisation – the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Secretary General – have improved considerably, facilitating more co-ordinated and effective responses to current and emerging challenges. The Parliamentary Assembly has made a constructive contribution with its report: The Assembly’s vision on the strategic priorities for the Council of Europe.” (paragraph 7).