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Gender representation in the Parliamentary Assembly

Amendment No. 3 | Doc. 15366 | 26 September 2021

Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination
2021 - Fourth part-session
In the draft resolution, after paragraph 8.2, insert the following paragraph:

"Delete the second sentence of Rule 7.2 and insert a new paragraph after Rule 7.2 as follows:

"Credentials challenged because they do not respect the criteria set out in Rule 6.2.b shall not be ratified. By derogation from Rule 10.1 of the Rules of Procedure, the Assembly decides not to ratify the credentials of the delegation concerned until its composition has been brought into conformity with Rule 6.2.b of the Rules of Procedure.""

Explanatory note

Delegations that do not respect the rules on gender representation should not be able to participate in the Assembly’s work. The Assembly should however give them an opportunity to align their composition with the Rules of Procedure. The procedure regarding credentials challenged on other grounds remains unchanged.