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Gender representation in the Parliamentary Assembly

Amendment No. 14 | Doc. 15366 | 26 September 2021

Mr Jacques MAIRE, France, ALDE ; Ms Mònica BONELL, Andorra, ALDE ; Mr Damien COTTIER, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Yolaine de COURSON, France, ALDE ; Mr Olivier FRANÇAIS, Switzerland, ALDE ; Mr Tiny KOX, Netherlands, UEL ; Ms Yevheniia KRAVCHUK, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms Stephanie KRISPER, Austria, ALDE ; Mr Ian LIDDELL-GRAINGER, United Kingdom, EC/DA ; Mr Aleksander POCIEJ, Poland, EPP/CD ; Ms Petra STIENEN, Netherlands, ALDE ; Ms Diana STOICA, Romania, ALDE ; Ms Lesia VASYLENKO, Ukraine, ALDE
2021 - Fourth part-session
In the draft resolution, replace paragraph 9.3 with the following paragraph:

"aspire to parity and alternation between men and women for group chair and vice-chair positions".

Explanatory note

While the idea of promoting balanced gender representation in governing bodies of the political groups is important, group chairs and vice-chairs are elected and not appointed as it is suggested in the current wording of paragraph 9.3.