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Ending enforced disappearances on the territory of the Council of Europe

Recommendation 2223 (2022)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27 January 2022 (7th sitting) (see Doc. 15431, report of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, rapporteur: Mr André Gattolin). Text adopted by the Assembly on 27 January 2022 (7th sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 2425 (2022) “Ending enforced disappearances on the territory of the Council of Europe” and stresses how crucially important it is for human rights and the rule of law that fresh impetus be given to international efforts to put an end to enforced disappearances in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
2. With this aim in mind, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
2.1 promote ratification of the United Nations International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED) by all Council of Europe member States and recognition of the full competence of the Committee on Enforced Disappearances, as well as the integration into national legislation of all the preventive and enforcement measures foreseen by the ICPPED;
2.2 provide technical assistance, with the co-operation of the States that are already parties to the ICPPED, to all interested States in order to help them implement the ICPPED, on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the existing legislation of the States concerned;
2.3 set up, within the Council of Europe, a task force on enforced disappearances responsible for co-ordinating the aforementioned activities and monitoring the progress of legal protection against this crime in the Council of Europe’s member States as well as improving prevention, with the involvement of civil society;
2.4 pay particular attention to the execution of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights relating to cases of enforced disappearance and to the implementation of the relevant provisional measures indicated by the European Court of Human Rights;
2.5 encourage member States to impose sanctions on State bodies, State-controlled groups and individuals that are implicated in cases of enforced disappearance on the territories of the Council of Europe’s member States or that are obstructing effective investigation into such cases;
2.6 support the idea of holding a world conference on the topic of enforced disappearances, which would also provide an opportunity for States to announce new ratifications of the ICPPED.