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Clean Air (indoor and outdoor) public health and greenhouse gases

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 15707 | 01 February 2023

Mr Geraint DAVIES, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Gergely ARATÓ, Hungary, SOC ; Mr Fourat BEN CHIKHA, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Margreet De BOER, Netherlands, SOC ; Mr Ahmet Ünal ÇEVİKÖZ, Türkiye, SOC ; Mr Jeremy CORBYN, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Andi-Lucian CRISTEA, Romania, SOC ; Ms María FERNÁNDEZ, Spain, SOC ; Mr Pierre-Alain FRIDEZ, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr Fabian FUNKE, Germany, SOC ; Mr Gerardo GIOVAGNOLI, San Marino, SOC ; Ms Hripsime GRIGORYAN, Armenia, SOC ; Mr Domagoj HAJDUKOVIĆ, Croatia, SOC ; Ms Luz MARTINEZ SEIJO, Spain, SOC ; Mr Simon MOUTQUIN, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Aušrinė NORKIENĖ, Lithuania, SOC ; Ms Esther PEÑA, Spain, SOC ; Mr Indrek SAAR, Estonia, SOC ; Ms Selin SAYEK BÖKE, Türkiye, SOC ; Mr Stefan SCHENNACH, Austria, SOC ; Ms Derya TÜRK-NACHBAUR, Germany, SOC

We recognise that air pollution is estimated to lead to 8 million premature deaths per year globally and 400 000 across the European Union at a cost across the World Health Organization European Region of US$ 1.6 trillion; that emissions cause lung and heart disease, strokes and dementia plus physical and mental ill health.

We call on the Parliamentary Assembly to recognise a right to breathe clean air; to develop policies to reduce the number of people who die prematurely from air pollution or suffer from air pollution indoors and outside and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from pollution; to request Assembly members to set, measure, and report on air quality and pollution emission targets to achieve World Health Organization standards; to enforce air quality targets and to achieve net zero emissions; to develop green and sustainable public, private and commercial transport by road, rail, air and sea; to provide localised air-quality monitoring; to support public awareness of air pollution and public health; to encourage active travel; to restrict polluting vehicles and wood burning stoves in urban areas; and to introduce mandatory environmental recall regimes for the most polluting vehicles.

The Assembly shall provide recommendations to take forward these policies.