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Establishment of an Order of the European solidarities

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 15770 | 11 May 2023

Mr Bertrand BOUYX, France, ALDE ; Mr Stanislav ANASTASSOV, Bulgaria, ALDE ; Ms Elena BONETTI, Italy, ALDE ; Mr Iulian BULAI, Romania, ALDE ; Ms Mireille CLAPOT, France, ALDE ; Ms Sabina ĆUDIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ALDE ; Mr Rik DAEMS, Belgium, ALDE ; Ms Marie-Christine DALLOZ, France, EPP/CD ; Ms Béatrice FRESKO-ROLFO, Monaco, ALDE ; Ms Sona GHAZARYAN , Armenia, ALDE ; Ms Valentina GRIPPO, Italy, ALDE ; Mr Thomas HASLER, Liechtenstein, ALDE ; Mr Claude KERN, France, ALDE ; Ms Brigitte KLINKERT, France, ALDE ; Ms Stéphanie KOCHERT, France, ALDE ; Ms Yevheniia KRAVCHUK, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms Stephanie KRISPER, Austria, ALDE ; Mr Jacques LE NAY, France, ALDE ; Mr Arminas LYDEKA, Lithuania, ALDE ; Mr Didier MARIE, France, SOC ; Ms Olena MOSHENETS, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms Denisa Elena NEAGU, Romania, ALDE ; Ms Fiona O'LOUGHLIN, Ireland, ALDE ; Ms Maud PETIT, France, ALDE ; Ms Nathalie SERRE, France, EPP/CD ; Ms Elena-Simona SPĂTARU, Romania, ALDE ; Ms Petra STIENEN, Netherlands, ALDE ; Ms Diana STOICA, Romania, ALDE ; Ms Liliana TANGUY, France, ALDE ; Ms Ingvild Wetrhus THORSVIK, Norway, ALDE ; Mr Kim VALENTIN, Denmark, ALDE

The Council of Europe is an essential actor of diplomacy on our continent as well as a tool for peace and the defence of democratic values. It is also a space for dialogue between peoples, notably through its Parliamentary Assembly. Finally, the European Court of Human Rights unites our continent on shared values.

However, the role of the Council of Europe remains too often unknown to the peoples of the nations it brings together. As we prepare the 4th European Summit and the rebuilding of our Organisation, the Council of Europe must exist outside Strasbourg.

This is why we call on the Assembly to establish a distinction in the form of an "Order" like those that exist in practically all countries, but which in this case would transcend national affiliations. It would be called “Order of the European Solidarities”. The choice of this name illustrates the real link that must unite the European peoples within the framework of a common objective of democracy and freedom of conscience. The community of men and women thus distinguished would embody our values with force.

We propose that a dedicated committee of the Assembly establishes the criteria for awarding this distinction, the relevant grades and acts as chancellery. In a second phase, the persons promoted to the Order of European Solidarity would be designated annually by this same committee.

Each awarding of a medal would be an event in all the member countries that would illustrate the importance of our mission and the reality of our action on the ground. The growing number of members will become ambassadors of the Council of Europe and its values.