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Ensuring free and safe access through the Lachin Corridor

Amendment No. 58 | Doc. 15796 | 21 June 2023

Mr Samad SEYIDOV, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Ms Nigar ARPADARAI, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Mr Erkin GADIRLI, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Mr Rafael HUSEYNOV, Azerbaijan, ALDE ; Mr Kamal JAFAROV, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Ms Parvin KARIMZADA, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Ms Konul NURULLAYEVA, Azerbaijan, EC/DA
2023 - Third part-session
In the draft recommendation, paragraph 1, delete the following words:

"following Azerbaijan’s unilateral actions at the Lachin corridor in contradiction with the ceasefire agreement signed on 9 November 2020 by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, referred to as the Trilateral Statement."

Explanatory note

It is not within the mandate and authority of the PACE to make a judgment on interpretation of the Trilateral Statement. Doing so would be partial and biased, as the PACE is not authorized by the parties to provide such a judgment.