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Recent developments in the Middle East: Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s response

Amendment No. 1 | Doc. 15890 | 22 January 2024

Mr Max LUCKS, Germany, SOC ; Ms Petra BAYR, Austria, SOC ; Lord David BLENCATHRA, United Kingdom, EC/DA ; Mr Jürgen HARDT, Germany, EPP/CD ; Mr Christoph HOFFMANN, Germany, ALDE ; Mr Michael Georg LINK, Germany, ALDE ; Mr Julian PAHLKE, Germany, SOC ; Ms Filiz POLAT, Germany, SOC ; Ms Agnes Sirkka PRAMMER, Austria, SOC ; Mr Stefan SCHENNACH, Austria, SOC ; Mr Volker ULLRICH, Germany, EPP/CD
2024 - First part-session
In the draft resolution, paragraph 1, after the first sentence, insert the following sentence:

"Not since the Shoah have so many Jews been killed in one day."