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Recent developments in the Middle East: Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s response

Amendment No. 24 | Doc. 15890 | 22 January 2024

Mr Simon MOUTQUIN, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Thórhildur Sunna ÆVARSDÓTTIR, Iceland, SOC ; Mr Fourat BEN CHIKHA, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Laura CASTEL, Spain, UEL ; Mr Pedro CEGONHO, Portugal, SOC ; Mr Paul GAVAN, Ireland, UEL ; Mr Andrej HUNKO, Germany, UEL ; Mr Christophe LACROIX, Belgium, SOC ; Ms Nataša SUKIČ, Slovenia, UEL
2024 - First part-session
In the draft resolution, after paragraph 11.1, insert the following paragraph:

"guarantee assistance and psychological support to Palestinian nationals on their territory, with particular attention to asylum seekers and nationals with family ties to Gaza."

Explanatory note

Many Palestinians in our member States have and have lost loved ones in Gaza and are experiencing the current situation with great psychological distress and anxiety, given the communication outages and the risk their families face. It is therefore appropriate to pay special attention to them.