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Situation of the children of Ukraine

Amendment No. 12 | Doc. 15901 | 24 January 2024

Ms Zanda KALNIŅA-LUKAŠEVICA, Latvia, EPP/CD ; Ms Larysa BILOZIR, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms María FERNÁNDEZ, Spain, SOC ; Mr Yuriy KAMELCHUK, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Yevheniia KRAVCHUK, Ukraine, ALDE ; Mr Eerik-Niiles KROSS, Estonia, ALDE ; Ms Carmen LEYTE, Spain, EPP/CD ; Ms Mariia MEZENTSEVA, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Olena MOSHENETS, Ukraine, ALDE ; Ms Liisa-Ly PAKOSTA, Estonia, NR ; Mr Pavlo SUSHKO, Ukraine, EC/DA ; Mr Birgir THÓRARINSSON, Iceland, EPP/CD
2024 - First part-session
In the draft resolution, replace paragraph 16.2 with the following paragraph:

"make every effort to trace the fate of the thousands of missing children, namely to identify, locate and return them to Ukraine, considering in particular the unique needs of children with disabilities, orphans, children deprived of parental care and other unaccompanied children who have no support or adequate legal representation, and ensure that the repatriation of these children is not only feasible but also conducted with the utmost care as these children require tailored approaches and specific pathways."