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Principles on which a European policy should be based

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 193 | 18 September 1953

Mr Michel DEBRÉ, France

At the end of his statement, M. Spaak presented his conclusions summed up in eight points which, he believed, should form the basis of such recommendations as the Committee on General Affairs might later adopt.

I have the honour to submit herewith to the Assembly a motion for a Resolution based on the points enumerated by M. Spaak and following the same order :

Draft Resolution

A European policy must, at the present juncture, be based on the following principles :

1 A clear knowledge of what Russia stands for and what Russia is aiming at.
2 A firm determination to maintain the unity of the Western world by enabling the European nations, through their participation in a united Europe, usefully to contribute to a common policy. The unity of the Western world imperatively calls for an adjustment of the Atlantic Pact to the present needs, both economic and social, as well as political and military, of Western solidarity.
3 A proposal to the Russian Government to hold a Four-Power Conference, at which, first of all Austrian and German problems would be discussed, though separately, other non-European problems being added to the Agenda in due course.
4 We should affirm that no lasting agreement can be concluded until certain conditions, particularly German reunification, have been accepted. The neutralisation or total demilitarisation of Germany can only be considered within the framework of a general convention on disarmament and control applicable to the Great Powers one and all.
5 Recognition of the need to support free elections in Germany as a whole, so as to enable the Government resulting from these elections to take its own decisions.
6 We must affirm that the integration of Germany into a community formed by an association of European nations can be a guarantee of peace.
7 A proposal to conclude, within the framework of the United Nations, a multilateral security pact between the U. S. S. R., the European nations as a whole and the nations which have acceded to the North Atlantic Treaty. It would be possible for other States to associate themselves with such a pact.
8 A proposal to the Russian Government to create a demilitarised zone along the Russo-German frontier.