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Reserve seats in the Assembly for the European nations which for the present, cannot be represented

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 7 | 21 August 1949

Mr André PHILIP, France ; Mr Atalay AKAN, Turkey ; Mr Nicolas ANTONOPOULOS, Greece ; Mr Antonio AZARA, Italy ; Mr Tahsin Bekir BALTA, Turkey ; Mr Celeste BASTIANETTO, Italy ; Mr Paul BASTID, France ; Mr Georges BIDAULT, France ; Mr Antonio BOGGIANO PICO, Italy ; Mr Georges BOHY, Belgium ; Mr Gabriel BOLIFRAUD, France ; Mr Edouard BONNEFOUS, France ; Lord Robert BOOTHBY, United Kingdom ; Mr Pietro CAMPILLI, Italy ; Mr Giuseppe CAPPI, Italy ; Sir Winston CHURCHILL, United Kingdom ; Mr Mario CINGOLANI, Italy ; Mr Georges DROSSOS, Greece ; Mr Ali Riza ERTEN, Turkey ; Mr Pierre de FÉLICE, France ; Mr Enzo GIACCHERO, Italy ; Mr Kasim GÜLEK, Turkey ; Mr Fernand LOESCH, Luxembourg ; Mr Léon MACCAS, Greece ; Mr Harold MACMILLAN, United Kingdom ; Mr François de MENTHON, France ; Mr Guy MOLLET, France ; Mr Ludovico MONTINI, Italy ; Mr Roger MOTZ, Belgium ; Mr Saïd ODYAK, Turkey ; Mr Ferrucio PARRI, Italy ; Mr Paul REYNAUD, France ; Mr Paudelis ROZAKIS, Greece ; Mr Meuccio RUINI, Italy ; Mr Maurice SCHUMANN, France ; Mr Petrus J.S. SERRARENS, Netherlands ; Mr Hermann SMITT-INGEBRETSEN, Norway ; Mr Pierre-Henri TEITGEN, France

The Assembly decides that, in order to demonstrate the solidarity of all the European peoples and to emphasise the hope that the Assembly shall ultimately represent the whole of Europe, a number of empty seats shall, as a symbolic gesture, be reserved for those European nations which, for the present, cannot be here represented.