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Mr Christophe LACROIX


In the political groups

  • Member: Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group since 22/01/2018

In the Assembly

  • since 22/01/2018 Representative - Belgium

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Member: Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee) (since 24/06/2019)
  • Full Member: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (since 01/03/2019)
  • Full Member: Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (from 22/01/2018 to 28/02/2019)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights (from 21/01/2019 to 28/02/2019)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Crime Problems and the Fight against Terrorism (from 25/01/2018 to 21/01/2019)
  • Alternate of Ms Karin BROUWERS (Full Member): Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media (since 30/09/2019)
  • Alternate of Mr Philippe MUYTERS (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Education, Youth and Sport (from 04/12/2020 to 02/03/2021)
  • Alternate of Ms Els van HOOF (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Gender Equality (since 02/10/2019)
  • Alternate of Ms Darya SAFAI (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the Rights of Minorities (since 02/10/2019)
  • Alternate of Mr Andries GRYFFROY (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Education, Youth and Sport (from 01/10/2019 to 19/11/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr Vincent VAN QUICKENBORNE (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (from 21/01/2019 to 28/02/2019)
  • Alternate of Ms Sabien LAHAYE-BATTHEU (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (from 25/01/2018 to 20/01/2019)
  • Alternate of Mr Damien THIÉRY (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the Rights of Minorities (from 07/03/2019 to 29/09/2019)


Last speeches

29/01/2020 | 11:10:59 Thank you, Mr President, Freedom of opinion, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression are enshrined in the constitution of my country, Belgium. At the heart of these fundamental freedoms is the non-derogable right to adhere or not to adhere to a non-denominational religion or philosophy, enshrined in provisions that leave no room for doubt. And with this knowledge, which is dear to me, I read your report with great interest. I would therefore like to remind you that secularism is a... 26/06/2019 | 17:09:33 Thank you, Madam President. Ostracism in Ancient Greece was aimed at banning citizens deemed dangerous for various reasons for a certain period of time, and in turn everything had to be redone. Russia's reintegration here, after a long period of reflection and a compromise that is difficult to reach, will leave traces, pain and sores that are still vivid, particularly among some delegations, whose emotions I can fully understand. But this difficult compromise must not be seen as being made on... 11/04/2019 | 16:37:57 Thank you, Mr Mart van de VEN. A Frenchman who once died for a cause said that courage consists in seeking out truth and speaking truth. Today, through this report, you are speaking truth because you are persistent and stubborn. You have worked together with the services and staff of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to speak out in the name of democracy, the rule of law and public authority. A number of elements stand out in your report and a number of colleagues have... 09/04/2019 | 11:16:03 This report rightly criticises parliamentarians’ lack of awareness of the 2030 Agenda, but in fact the problem goes much further, extending to all society, whether elected representatives or not. I wanted to speak in this debate to share my local experience and the synergies that we can and must find among the different levels of power, in order to achieve these essential goals. Previously, the Millennium Goals resulted in a lot of success. We can all read in the resolution that the success... 21/01/2019 | 18:00:50 I would first remind the Chamber that Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation. In Chechnya a climate of fear has been created against many parts of society, including women. The news has shown us that there are no limits to the horror. I thank my colleagues who have worked on this issue and who have had a resolution adopted by the Assembly to condemn all types of persecution, hate speech, and harassment. The resolution exhorted the Russian Federation to carry out an impartial investigation...