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Mr Eduard AGHAJANYAN (Armenia, SOC)

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National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia
AM - 0095 - Yerevan

Working language: English

Declarations of interests:
2022 , 2021


In the political groups

  • Member: Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group from 24/01/2022 to 22/01/2023
  • Member: Members not belonging to a Political Group from 27/09/2021 to 23/01/2022

In the Assembly

  • from 27/09/2021 to 22/01/2023 Substitute - Armenia

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Full Member: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (from 27/09/2021 to 22/01/2023)
  • Alternate of Mr Armen GEVORGYAN (Full Member): Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (from 27/09/2021 to 22/01/2023)


Last speeches

24/06/2022 | 11:09:59 Thank you, Madam Chair. Dear Colleagues, On 13 September 2021, this Assembly adopted a resolution where amongst other things it stated, and I quote: "Both Azerbaijan and Armenia have binding obligations to repatriate prisoners of war and release civilian prisoners without delay after the secession of active hostilities." "Considers that the clear intention of Article 8 of the Trilateral Statement was the exchange of all detained persons without distinction as to the status assigned by one or... 28/04/2022 | 16:56:30 Thank you, Mister Chair. I would like to thank the rapporteur for the profound research on the way of making the report. Overall, I do agree with most of the points and the solutions stated in the conclusion. It is worth mentioning, however, that the report deals with the issue mainly by viewing it from two perspectives. The long-term perspective and the post-Covid perspective. In the first case, when analysing causes of democratic backsliding in European countries, the author refers to... 25/04/2022 | 17:24:25 Thank you, Mister President. Dear Colleagues, Indeed the crisis in Ukraine and its humanitarian consequences are of utmost importance for the Council of Europe at this point. Unfortunately, as one could anticipate, Azerbaijan took advantage of the total preoccupation of the international community with the Ukrainian crisis, undertaking blatant actions in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms. More specifically, based on the government's request, the...