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18/12/2015 | Doc. 13935 | Motion for a resolution Brutal violations of human rights in Russia: new challenges 08/10/2015 | Doc. 13910 | Motion for a recommendation Freedom of movement as a means of protecting human rights 06/10/2015 | Doc. 13908 | Motion for a resolution Gender inequality in migrant access to education and employment 30/09/2015 | Doc. 13891 | Written declaration Securing the protection of the international legal order 29/09/2015 | Doc. 13885 | Motion for a resolution Follow-up to Resolution 1903 (2012): promoting and strengthening transparency, accountability and integrity of Parliamentary Assembly members 28/08/2015 | Doc. 13858 | Motion for a resolution Duration of the mandate of the President of the Assembly (Rule 15.5 of the Assembly's Rules of Procedure) 16/07/2015 | Doc. 13773 | Written declaration Historical controversy between Turks and Armenians 01/06/2015 | Doc. 13797 | Motion for a resolution Racism, xenophobia and related intolerance: challenges to global sporting events 26/05/2015 | Doc. 13774 rev 2 | Written declaration The attempt at undemocratic seizure of power in Macedonia {According to Resolution (95) 23 of the Committee of Ministers, for all purposes within the Council of Europe, this State is provisionally referred to as “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” pending settlement of the difference which has arisen over the name of this State.} 04/05/2015 | Doc. 13783 | Written question The practice of prenatal selection by sex