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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

05/01/2023 | Doc. 15676 | Motion for a resolution Reparation and reconciliation processes to overcome past conflicts and build a common peaceful future – the question of just and equal redress 18/10/2022 | Doc. 15638 | Motion for a resolution Recognising Russian warmonger political parties as groups and entities involved in terrorist acts that are subject to institutional sanctions 11/10/2022 | Doc. 15628 | Motion for a resolution Preventing abuse of the right to veto in the Security Council: a perspective by the member States of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 11/10/2022 | Doc. 15630 | Motion for a resolution Protecting human rights and saving lives in the North Sea and the English Channel 19/09/2022 | Doc. 15610 | Written declaration Ongoing political persecutions on Crimean Tatars in occupied territories of Ukraine 09/09/2022 | Doc. 15601 | Motion for a resolution Ensuring human rights compliant asylum procedures 30/08/2022 | Doc. 15597 | Written declaration Reports of forced mass deportations of Ukrainian civilians to the Russian Federation 30/08/2022 | Doc. 15598 | Written declaration Status of prisoners of war under international humanitarian law must be respected 22/08/2022 | Doc. 15595 | Motion for a resolution Global food security consequences of the aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine 18/08/2022 | Doc. 15593 | Motion for a resolution Addressing the specific challenges faced by the Belarusians in exile