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27/01/2021 | 18:47:56 Thank you chair. Dear colleagues, It is a well known truth that many NGOs operate in each of the participating countries, and the number of these organisations is constantly growing as well as their scope of activity is expanding. Many of their problems are similar regardless of the country in which they operate, but of course there are many differences depending on the country situation. Currently the number of NGOs in my country, Azerbaijan, is about 4 500. However, due to the new... 25/01/2021 | 13:20:16 Today is a historic day in many respects. Above all, this is a historic day, because after a sad break in the year, we are finally together in Strasbourg again and gathered again in this hall which is native to us. The main thing that makes this day historic for me and the Azerbaijani delegation is the event that happened here exactly 20 years ago. On 25 January 2001, the flag of Azerbaijan was added to the list of flags in front of the building of the Council of Europe, and, as equal members... 30/01/2020 | 12:09:13 Thank you, Chair. Dear colleagues, Next time the Parliamentary Assembly is discussing the report directly related to Azerbaijan it will, willingly or not, prompt us to think again about various aspects of the relations between the Council of Europe and this country. The Council of Europe has been raising the issue of political prisoners for over 20 years and, therefore, takes this issue very seriously. What is the so-far most satisfactory scientific explanation of the term political prisoners... 28/01/2020 | 18:03:01 Thank you Chair. Dear colleagues, all societies without exception require the press and journalists. Distinctions in the requirements for the press and the journalists like it or not have led to the emergence of different press and journalism. Today, along with high-quality press and journalism, which serve the freedom of speech and truth, there exists also controlled press and journalism, which serve specific interests thus presenting the truth not as it is but just the way they want. It is... 27/01/2020 | 15:10:05 Thank you, Chair. Initially, I'd like to reject the full of lies hate speech our Armenian colleague. We are all standing on the border now. The border that we stand between vary in content and quality. Above all, we are on the verge of time. The last year of the second decade of the new century is starting. The events of the first day of the New Year promised the beginning of a separate year, which promises systematic change in the political life of the world. The cessation of long-term... 04/10/2019 | 12:40:23 Thank you Madame Chair. Dear colleagues, I would like to talk about the barriers created during the negotiation process between two Member States and on the continuation of constructive dialogue. For nearly 30 years two Member States have been in a state of constant war that has not yet been officially declared. For almost 30 years coffins have been regularly arriving to Armenia and Azerbaijan from the forefront. The fearful mothers who first met those coffins in Azerbaijan and Armenia, they... 04/10/2019 | 10:37:54 Thank you, Chair. Dear Colleagues. The European Union put forward a very noble initiative by having declared 2018 as the Year of European Cultural Heritage. However, cultural heritage is such a system of values that must be protected and preserved by Europeans and all of humanity, that in fact every year, every month, every new week, every new day, should be a year, month, week and day of preservation and development of cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is the most universal and most... 02/10/2019 | 18:50:44 Thank you Chair, dear colleagues. Today, of course everyone says terrorism and terrorists are one of the greatest calamities of the world and humanity. However it is obvious that those who survived the tragedy of terrorism, and those who continue to suffer from it, are now more than aware of the grief of this disease. It is necessary to protect, support and take care of a single person, as well as several people who are victims of terrorism. But if a whole nation and the whole country is... 02/10/2019 | 10:59:14 Thank you Chair, dear colleagues. Although the terms ombudsman and institution were first established in the 19th century, and formed in the 20th century, in essence, this concept appears to be ancient. Today in Europe and in the world, the institution of the ombudsman is becoming more and more important as a special institution that provides regulation in the network of public administration. Thus there is a growing need for the ombudsman and its institution, as well as a greater need for... 30/09/2019 | 16:16:43 Thank you, dear colleagues. Initially, I'd like to underline that the Council of Europe is not a place to make hate speeches full of slander and lies, as our Armenian colleague did. I reject all these aggressive statements. We live historical moments. A 70-year journey has come to an end and the Council of Europe is determined to enter a new decade of its long life. Therefore, today it becomes necessary to evaluate the past of the organisation as a whole, and not just its recent past and the...