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Mr Jean-Charles GARDETTO

Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

23/06/2009 | Doc. 11969 | Written declaration Lithuanian Law on the protection of minors restricts publication of information on homosexual and bisexual relations 10/06/2009 | Doc. 11945 | Motion for a resolution Improving the procedure for drafting documents of the Assembly 06/05/2009 | Doc. 11906 | Motion for a resolution 20th anniversary of the European Committee against Torture: time to take stock 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11900 | Motion for a resolution Conferment of the Council of Europe Cultural Route label on the Cistercian sites route across Greater Europe 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11901 | Motion for a recommendation Co-ordination of the Council of Europe's Cultural Routes programme with the European Union's "European Heritage" label and encouragement of their application in Eastern Europe 05/05/2009 | Doc. 11897 | Motion for a recommendation Drafting an additional protocol to the European Convention for Human Rights: basic standards for national minorities 04/05/2009 | Doc. 11892 | Motion for a resolution The need for independent and credible environmental assessments 30/04/2009 | Doc. 11889 | Motion for a recommendation Education against violence at school 27/04/2009 | Doc. 11874 | Motion for a resolution The need to establish effective, independent national mechanisms for monitoring places of detention 04/02/2009 | Doc. 11831 | Motion for a resolution Lack of appropriate follow-up, by the Committee of Ministers, to the work of the Parliamentary Assembly