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28/06/2019 | 12:23:55 Thanks Madam Chair. Dear Colleagues, I would like to speak about unimplemented decisions of the European Court, the Resolutions of the Parliamentary Assembly that have not been implemented for many years, as well as the case of Azerbaijani IDPs Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev, illegally held by the Armenian side as hostages. Despite the efforts made by the Azerbaijani government, as well as the former Secretary General, Mr Jagland's, statements and calls, there is still no positive... 28/06/2019 | 10:21:13 Thanks Mr Chair. First of all I would like to congratulate the rapporteur. As noted in the draft resolution, the war that has lasted for several years in Syria has led to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world since the Second World War. I have met several times with refugees at Turkey's border with Syria who have been helping more than 3 million refugees from Syria for several years. I also met with Syrian refugees in Jordan. A terrible tragedy is taking place before our eyes. These... 27/06/2019 | 11:33:54 Thanks, Madam Chair. Dear colleagues, We must be seriously concerned that half of the children in the world suffer from violence every year and we must further strengthen our efforts to protect children more strongly and to combat violence against children. I congratulate the rapporteurs and support their proposals and call for special attention to some issues. Violence against children is even more terrible in the regions where there are invasions and conflicts. And today I want to speak on... 25/06/2019 | 17:06:40 Thank you Madam Chair. First of all I congratulate the Rapporteurs. Dear colleagues, Violence against women is a violation of human rights. We must strengthen our fight against it. Interesting proposals and ideas on combating violence against women were voiced here and we support them. I am speaking here on behalf of the women who are victims of violence during armed conflicts. I would like to voice their calls to you. Dear friends, during armed conflicts, women become victims of massive... 12/04/2019 | 12:44:03 Dear friends, I want to talk about some processes taking place in the South Caucasus region – decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and resolutions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that have not been implemented for many years. The decisions of the European Court must be implemented in member States. However, the former leadership of Armenia refused to execute the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Chiragov and Others v. Armenia... 12/04/2019 | 11:49:01 First of all, I, too, congratulate the rapporteur. Social media is a part of our daily lives. We greatly appreciate the positive contribution of social media to the welfare and development of our societies. However, despite the potential benefits of social media for individuals and society, the abuse of social media can also have many damaging consequences, such as disinformation and the manipulation of public opinion, as well as influencing political processes and our individual rights... 10/04/2019 | 16:15:54 I congratulate the rapporteurs. The topic we are discussing is important for Europe and the world, today and in future. The rise of Islamophobia in Europe should also be of great concern to us all. In the draft resolution, after the words on racism, hatred and anti-Semitism, it is important to add Islamophobia as a kind of radicalism. We should not be indifferent to such situations and must strengthen our common efforts to prevent them. To prevent anxiety, it is important to teach younger... 09/04/2019 | 10:42:09 The Free Democrats Group congratulates the rapporteurs, supports the draft resolutions and believes that the work in Member States towards implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals should be expanded and accelerated. In particular, we encourage all Member States to pay greater attention to gender equality, which is one of the main goals. Despite the progress made on gender equality and empowerment of women within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is a great... 24/01/2019 | 18:53:34 The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities holds an important place in the overall legal treaty system of the Council of Europe. In 2018, it celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is no exaggeration to state that, throughout those years, this important instrument has shown its relevance and significance in strengthening the human rights protection system in Europe. While being an important, legally binding instrument, the framework convention in itself encompasses highly... 24/01/2019 | 15:42:54 In pluralist democracies, the opposition plays a vital role. Opposition members criticise the political party in power with a view to improving national governments and their role is so essential that a democracy without opposition is inconceivable. That said, however, the opposition also needs to adhere to the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Any opposition that does not respect these fundamental principles inflicts irreparable damage on a functioning democracy. In...