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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

30/06/2014 | Doc. 13560 | Motion for a resolution Parliamentary scrutiny over corruption: parliamentary co-operation with investigative media 25/06/2014 | Doc. 13551 | Motion for a resolution Corruption as governance regime: a barrier to institutional efficiency and progress 25/06/2014 | Doc. 13552 | Written declaration Major progress for securing the democratic European path of the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine 24/06/2014 | Doc. 13546 | Motion for a resolution The armed occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia 18/06/2014 | Doc. 13535 | Motion for a resolution The application of sanctions against Armenia for its armed occupation of Azerbaijani territories 25/04/2014 | Doc. 13408 | Written declaration Despite widespread international condemnation, stigmatisation of LGBT people by the Russian authorities continues 25/04/2014 | Doc. 13411 | Written declaration The imperative need to avoid the counter reform on Abortion in Spain which breaches women’s human rights 10/04/2014 | Doc. 13489 | Written declaration Situation in Syria: humanitarian crisis and solidarity 08/04/2014 | Doc. 13485 | Motion for a recommendation Respect for ethics and transparency in the election of the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe 27/03/2014 | Doc. 13466 | Motion for a resolution Creation of a European Institute to counter prejudices about Roma, Sinti and Kales by promoting research about their culture and history