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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

12/11/2013 | Doc. 13355 | Motion for a resolution Judicial Corruption: urgent need to implement the Assembly’s proposals 21/10/2013 | Doc. 13342 | Motion for a resolution Libraries and museums in an era of participatory culture 10/10/2013 | Doc. 13332 | Motion for a resolution The rise of neo-nazi parties in Europe: the need to develop legal principles to defend pluralist democracy and human rights 03/10/2013 | Doc. 13325 | Written declaration Creation of Embryos with Genetic Material from More than Two Progenitor Persons 03/10/2013 | Doc. 13328 | Written declaration Stigmatisation by the authorities leading to intensified violence and discrimination against LGBT people in Russia 03/10/2013 | Doc. 13329 | Written declaration World Contraception Day – Reinforcing the right to make educated choices about becoming pregnant 02/10/2013 | Doc. 13323 | Written declaration The need for measures to counter transphobic and homophobic violence and discrimination in Turkey 01/10/2013 | Doc. 13314 | Written declaration The Ukrainian Parliament should finalise the creation of preconditions for signing the Association Agreement with the European Union 10/09/2013 | Doc. 13299 | Written declaration Third deadly attack on Camp Liberty prompts condemnation, protection and safe return 14/08/2013 | Doc. 13191 | Written declaration Violations of the right of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people to freedom of expression and assembly continue unabated in Russia