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30/01/2020 | 15:48:31 Thank you. Thank you, Chairman. Dear colleagues, Yesterday, I told myself that I will not, during this session, say the word Russia anymore. But, unfortunately, I should do this again because it's an extremely important issue and I want to thank everybody who were proposing this debate. We know, today, the latest news that yesterday evening-night in Idlib, a rebel-held province in Syria, there was an air raid. It is believed that it was made by Russian military forces and because of this 10... 29/01/2020 | 19:09:43 Thank you, dear colleagues. From Russian and pro-Russian speakers today we already heard several times: trading, shopping, it's not a coincidence. Just take a look at the report that was prepared by the rapporteur. You will not find here in the draft of the report the word Crimea. You will not find here the word Georgia. But you will find a big achievement. The Russian Federation paid their money to the Council of Europe. That's why they're using these words. They think that they bought the... 29/01/2020 | 16:42:46 Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Mr President. Extremely important moment, extremely important report. I feel that our organisation is on the absolutely wrong track now and we can change it now during this report hearing. Why am I saying that we are on the absolutely wrong track? Just several examples. We commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, and at the same time and at the same day, well elect an anti-Semitic Vice President of the Assembly. We questioned the democracy in Poland... 27/01/2020 | 15:57:10 Thank you very much. Two minutes, okay. Thank you. I want to speak about last year. Remember the question which we were discussing about, whether to give back the Russian delegation credentials here in the hemicycle, in the Assembly, without them fulfilling any of the resolutions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. And I would like to remind you that one of the main reasons to give them back, people who were supporting it told us "we are doing it not for Putin, not for the... 26/06/2019 | 16:58:13 My dear colleagues, Today is a market day, huge sale. All our values for just 77 million euros. Democracy for 25, human rights for 25, rule of law for 25! It's a good price! We can calculate another way. This week the Council of Europe lost millions of hearts. Hearts of Ukrainians, Estonians, Georgians, Latvians, Poles, Lithuanians, British people. Nearly 50 Euro cents for one heart. It's a good price! I hear that we're doing it for Russian citizens. To protect them. So, I have a proposition... 24/06/2019 | 16:50:02 Dear colleagues, for me it's quite hard to speak now because I feel that today we can kill this organisation, because we asked the organisation will be the building, will be the place. We can sit here and make, in some way, that we are speaking. It's a dialogue platform but will it will be nothing, because what will be the authority? And, of our organisation, what people will say about our organization throughout the Europe? Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we... 24/01/2019 | 10:58:32 I thank Mr Andreas NICK, the rapporteur, and the secretariat of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy for their work on this resolution. Today we are having an unusual sitting of our Assembly. It is unusual because millions of Ukrainians are watching it live, and it is clear why. The attack on the Ukrainian warships was an attack on the whole of Ukraine and every Ukrainian. Now, thousands of people in my country wear one of these yellow bracelets. On mine is the name of a Ukrainian... 22/01/2019 | 17:16:11 First, I wish to say thank you to our rapporteur for not only his great work but his courage, because all the people who worked on the Magnitsky list in different countries of the world were punished with sanctions from the Russian Federation. It is always like this if someone wants to say something truthful about Putin and his regime. I can say that because, like hundreds of my compatriots from Ukraine, I am under sanctions from the Russian Federation just for telling the truth in different...