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12/10/2023 | 18:29:46 Thank you, Mister President, Indeed, as it was mentioned in the discussion we just had, this part of the world has an enormous amount of suffering, an enormous amount of scars. I visited both countries. I've seen displaced person camps, and I cannot be indifferent to that amount of suffering on both sides. Thirty years of conflict tend to generate such deep, deep scars. However, dear colleagues, we are not debating history today. Especially the last 30 years which have been turbulent in the... 12/10/2023 | 17:37:18 Thank you. While Armenians in the region tie their ethnic identity to the name Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azerbaijani call a broader region than Karabakh. I wish to clarify one thing: why I used and chose to have a report with this name. So first, the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights referred to this suggestion for an urgent debate then the Presidential Committee referred it to the Bureau, then the Bureau referred it to the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons under... 09/10/2023 | 15:58:58 Thank you Mister President, dear colleagues, I'd like to share a few words and thoughts with you about the parliamentary elections in Montenegro. First, I would like to start by thanking the leader of the delegation, Mr Reinhold LOPATKA, who was up to the job; so, thank you for the good work that you have done. As Mr Reinhold LOPATKA already said, the elections were competitive [and] were well organised, actually – of course with, maybe, a few minor issues. The logistics of the elections were... 21/06/2023 | 18:41:37 Thank you, Madam Chair. I was hoping that this debate would not take the road it took, because this was supposed to be a debate about integration, without questioning the reasons why we have migrants in our countries or refugees. Indeed, migration or rather immigration for most of the European countries is a reality that will remain. Anybody who thinks that we can create fortress Europe is wrong. I'm sorry to dispel this dream you have. In my view at least, it would be really opportunistic... 21/06/2023 | 16:53:41 Thank you, Mister Chair. Indeed, you did, and all the commendations for the flawless pronunciation. Ladies and gentlemen, Dear colleagues, First of all, when addressing you and when talking about integration, I want to highlight the definition of "integration". In the debates we have in the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, and in general in this august house, we usually talk about assimilation, inclusion, and integration. I just want to underline how different these... 24/04/2023 | 15:15:19 Thank you Mister Chair, you already mentioned the highlight of the mission, I am sure. My dear colleagues, I am presenting this report, as mentioned before, on behalf of Mr Joseph O'REILLY of Ireland who, unfortunately, is not present in Strasbourg this week. Our Parliamentary Assembly has been observing presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as referenda in Montenegro, since 2001, because Montenegro is under the post-monitoring dialogue procedure with the Parliamentary Assembly of... 25/01/2023 | 16:19:26 Thank you, Madam Chair. Excellent pronunciation of my name. Esteemed colleagues, It was mentioned here in the debate by the Greek colleague, that South-Eastern Europe or the Balkans has been a powder keg – or called the powder keg – of Europe. I would put it a bit differently. The south-east of Europe has been an exporter of instability, and unfortunately still is. We in Croatia, me personally, and all of us, should be concerned with the recent developments, the tensions rising, the messages... 13/10/2022 | 16:14:48 Thank you very much. Dear Colleagues, Often when we talk in this hemicycle, we talk about the values of our institution and let me just quickly remind you what those are: democracy, rule of law, and indeed, human rights. When we talk about human rights, what about the right to love, the right to be loved and the right to express love? It is time to sincerely ask ourselves what kind of society are we if we forbid love. Is there a future for such a society? I would say no. Now, the rhetoric we... 13/10/2022 | 12:07:01 Thank you, Mr Chair, dear colleagues, First of all, let me thank Mr Emanuelis ZINGERIS for this report. I hope this is the last report that we will debate about Russian aggression in Ukraine while it is still lasting - in other words I hope that the war will be over soon. I too have visited Ukraine this summer in the framework of the parliamentary platform United for Ukraine. We are parliamentarians from across the European and world countries, supporting Ukraine and lobbying for Ukraine. So... 12/10/2022 | 19:14:35 Dear Mister Speaker, Dear Colleagues, Let me start by thanking the rapporteurs for their excellent work. I hope that your visit to Croatia was an informative one, that you gathered all the information that you needed, and indeed your input is very valuable for us. Discussing this report, I want to discuss something else, and that is how to protect migrants but also protect our countries. How should we do it? How is the migratory flow to be controlled? Some colleagues mentioned here that the...