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15/03/2022 | 16:47:24 Thank you Chairman, First of all, thank you also for this opportunity to convene the Assembly in extraordinary session. In my mind, in my heart, but I think in each one of us are imprinted the images we see on television. I think of the employee who yesterday on Russian state TV said no to war and today in our media they say that this woman has disappeared. I think of that mom, that little girl, who we saw in images that died together. I think of Lisa who was shot. When you think about these... 28/01/2020 | 18:56:37 Thank you, President. I would like to take stock of an important issue. We all agree with the fine words in the resolution that journalists must be defended. How we could do other than to defend the category of journalists. Then like all categories, all professions, 95-98% do a good job and then maybe 1-2% who do their job badly. So we on the resolution, in terms of the general content, can say nothing. But I want to go into the substance of a matter that concerns us closely, Mr President... 11/04/2019 | 11:08:11 What we are saying in our country is the truth. Through bureaucratic Europe, we want to increase bureaucracy, but we should hark back to 70 years ago when we talked about democracy in the Council of Europe. We had a vision. We talked about protecting minorities and about the peoples. Today it is surreal that we should be talking about changing rules of procedure rather than providing a vision to our Assembly, which is so important. I shall give some concrete examples of what might happen if...