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13/10/2022 | 11:32:05 Thank you very much. Dear Mr Chairman, Thank you, dear Mr Emanuelis ZINGERIS for your brilliant work I think you have done with this report. I am sorry to say that at 11 o'clock Strasbourg time, my mother just told me that in a small village 20 kilometres from Kyiv, where they live, an Iranian Shahed drone sent by Russia has hit a residential building again. Now, why is this happening despite today's address, yesterday's resolution by the United Nations and all other steps that the... 23/06/2022 | 16:54:57 Thank you very much, dear ladies and gentlemen, Madam Chair, and of course my great colleague Mister Oleksii GONCHARENKO for bringing this forward. Ladies and gentlemen, Before February the 24th, some 800 million people were starving in the world. Now, regions such as MENA, where the food basket has risen in some places by 100% or 200% are threatened by crisis unprecedented in decades. Countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Qatar, Somalia, are critically dependent on Ukraine's... 23/06/2022 | 11:53:21 Thank you very much. Dear Mister Chairman, dear members of the Parliamentary Assembly, dear Mister rapporteur, First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of the crash of the MH17 and, believe me, we Ukrainians understand the irreparable pain, loss, and anger of the relatives of those whose lives were interrupted on that monstrous day of July the 17th in 2014. I want to thank the rapporteur for his work. I think he did an outstanding and brilliant... 22/06/2022 | 16:16:31 Thank you very much. Dear Mister Chairman, Distinguished Members of the Assembly, Esteemed Rapporteurs, Thank you very much for this report, for your time and personal efforts in preparing this report that we consider timely and adequate. I’d like to start with a quote from the report: “With the fall of Mariupol', it is clear that the Russian army has no other objective than the total annihilation of Ukraine.” Now, as a Ukrainian I strongly support and agree with this opinion, but as to a... 28/04/2022 | 12:48:08 Thank you very much, dear Mister Chairman. I would like to thank the rapporteur for a crucial and a critical work that he has done. Now, in ten days time from today, ladies and gentlemen, we will all be probably wearing a poppy pin saying never again, as a symbol to remember the innocent victims of one of the most horrible wars in human history, also as a symbol of inadmissibility of such wars in the future, of such bloodthirsty regimes and dictators that we have witnessed 8 years ago. Never... 27/04/2022 | 18:36:13 Hello. Thank you very much. I would like to thank you for this report and for the very good job that the author did in terms of it. Speaking from the perspective of Ukraine for us, actually, the use of the confiscated assets is really a topical issue. Especially if you think about Mezhyhirya. Mezhyhirya was a residence of one of the most corrupted presidents in our history, Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia and is in Russia right now. Basically, it is a territory of 140 hectares, an area... 27/04/2022 | 16:39:25 Thank you very much, dear Mr Chairman. Dear colleagues, Thank you to the rapporteur for producing this this report. I would say it's a decent defensive paper. As you might know, it's almost impossible to win any fight with simply some defensive tools. What I would love to do is to make this report and the draft resolution more offensive. To make it viable in order to counter the Russian aggression in this common war of ours. I say common because Ukraine is fighting not only for its territory... 26/01/2022 | 10:51:31 Dear President, Dear distinguished colleagues, I hope you hear me well. I'm very thankful to Mr Rapporteur for this report. As we have seen everywhere in Europe this summer, football is a huge unifying force. It fosters the integrity of our societies, it promotes mutual respect and equality, it elevates the burdens of our everyday lives. I definitely endorse the proposal contained in the draft Resolution. However, one proposal is particularly important, which is the call of the draft... 24/06/2021 | 17:52:21 Thank you very much, Mister Chairman, I hope I fail not. Thank you again to Mr Rapporteur. It's a tremendously important report that he has prepared. Ladies and gentlemen, free access to funding is a key condition for a stable and competitive democracy process. Milton Friedman mentioned about 60 years ago that financial inflows and donations can be positive for establishing pluralism and maintenance of democratic principles. But now we are facing another challenge, which makes donations for... 23/06/2021 | 10:25:32 Thank you very much. Dear colleagues, on Sunday 23rd of May, the Ryanair flight, as you all know, travelling from Athens to Vilnius made an abrupt change of course over Belarus, some 10 kilometres from the Lithuanian border, and made a forced emergency landing in Minsk because of an alleged email bomb threat. Now, if one analyses the Belarusian public communications in late May, he might discover the following version of events. So, an alleged member of Palestinian movement Hamas sent an...