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Ms Maria-Gabriela HORGA

Speeches since 2019

10/10/2023 | 17:08:10 Thank you. Dear colleagues, yesterday 9 October was a national day of the Holocaust victims in Romania. We have a duty to take all measures to ensure that such crimes against humanity do not happen again. Awareness of the dangers we have not yet escaped is important. Politicians and political parties should give greater importance to the threats of far-right movements, both for the public defence of human rights and democratic principles and by unequivocally rejecting all forms of racism and... 27/01/2023 | 11:14:12 Dear Mister President, Dear Colleagues. We are debating a report on the construction of the academic network of the Council of Europe: the Open Council of Europe Academic Networks (OCEAN). First of all, on behalf of the Group of the European People's Party, I would like to congratulate Ms Marta GRANDE for this excellent report prepared. The European educational space is changing and universities, and research institutes can play an important role in supporting the values of the Council of... 20/04/2021 | 15:39:45 Thank you Mr President. Many thanks to Secretary General Angel Gurría for his speech. Dear colleagues, I will start by thanking also the rapporteur in the name of the Group of the European People's Party for his thorough work and keen interest in the work of the OECD on the taxation of digital economy. There is also a need to urgently address the fiscal challenges posed by the digitalisation of the economy in order to ensure that all operators pays taxes fairly, especially taking into account...