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Christopher Chope calls for sanctions on the regime of Bashar al-Assad

Strasbourg, 30.11.2011 - “The situation in Syria has become intolerable and requires action,” stressed today Christopher Chope (United Kingdom, EDG), Chair of PACE Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population, at a meeting in Paris and “unreservedly condemned the crackdown and killings in Syria.” He called upon Council of Europe member states to take all the necessary steps to impose immediate sanctions on the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

On the basis of a report prepared by the ad hoc Sub-Committee on the large-scale arrival of irregular migrants, asylum seekers and refugees on Europe’s southern shores on its visit to Antakya, Turkey, the parliamentarians congratulated the Turkish authorities for their prompt and appropriate action to manage the arrival of Syrian refugees and urged them to maintain their policy of keeping borders open for possible refugees and not undertake any forced returns.

"The authorities to provide Syrian refugees with adequate information on whether or not it is safe for them to return and offer for long-term solutions for the remaining people who cannot, or do not wish to, return to Syria, including freedom of movement, more secure and better housing as well as the possibility of earning a living."

"The Turkish authorities should lift the geographical limitation on the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees as soon as possible", added M. Chope.