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Death of Lluís Maria de Puig: ‘Farewell to a great European’

Strasbourg, 13.12.2012 - The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Jean-Claude Mignon, this morning expressed his profound sadness at the death of Lluís Maria de Puig who presided over the Parliamentary Assembly from 2008 to 2010 and was a member of it for twenty-three years.

“A fine companion and great friend has left us. On the Assembly’s behalf, I convey my most heartfelt sympathies to his widow, his two daughters and all who were dear to him."

"Lluís Maria de Puig was one of the most enthusiastic agents in building the European dream embodied by our Council of Europe. As a member of the underground opposition to Francoism, a member of parliament for three decades and a historian, he was among the most dedicated parliamentarians with the strongest commitment to the proceedings of our Assembly."

"We shall always remember his politeness and generosity, his presence in all the debating bodies, his countless initiatives and his personal approachability."

"Lluís Maria de Puig believed in Europe and believed in the Council of Europe. In Spain there is a saying that decent people know how to display gratitude. It is indeed Europe as a whole that shows a great European its full gratitude and acknowledgement today.”