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Moroccan government committed to addressing migration challenges

Strasbourg, 05.04.2013 – The participants in the conference held in Rabat on 4 and 5 April welcomed the commitment by the Moroccan government to address the challenge represented by migration policy, in a spirit of regional solidarity, and expressed their satisfaction at Morocco’s ratification of the relevant international conventions on the protection of refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers.

 In the context of the Partnership for Democracy, the committee believes that it could contribute to the framing of legislation on the right of asylum and help the Moroccan authorities to implement that legislation at institutional level.

During the conference, participants stressed the importance of integration and re-integration, which have an impact on both countries of origin and host countries.

Lastly, participants exchanged views on the impact of the economic crisis, the importance of shared responsibility, cross-border co-operation with African and Mediterranean countries and the need to set up projects to attract young migrants.