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Resettlement of refugees just a drop in the ocean

Strasbourg, 04.06.2013 – At a hearing on the resettlement of refugees, held today in Paris by the Committee on Migration, Eric Voruz (Switzerland, SOC), who is the rapporteur on the subject, called for increased solidarity between European countries. “We must all be more supportive towards countries such as Malta”, he said.

Despite the many resettlement and relocation measures and programmes, many participants regarded these as mere drops in the ocean. In his report Mr Voruz said that it was his desire not only to review the current situation in terms of needs and numbers of places available but also to look at obstacles in the areas of co-ordination, financing, and security and fraud risks. Lastly, the participants discussed the issues of emergency resettlement, temporary protection, group resettlement or simplified procedures in times of crisis, particularly in relation to Syrian refugees.