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PACE President opens summer part-session in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, 24.06.2013 - Referring, at the opening of the PACE part-session in Strasbourg, to the importance of the debate on the request for the opening of a monitoring procedure for Hungary, President Jean-Claude Mignon said that the Assembly was obliged “to react to this situation in the most appropriate manner, conducting a constructive dialogue with the authorities so that they bring their legislation and practice into line with our standards.”

“More generally, I am convinced that our Assembly's monitoring procedure is a proven means of action. The quality of the Monitoring Committee’s reports is acknowledged by all our partners and member states. At the same time, I am sure we can further improve this instrument and make it more dynamic, so as to provide all our member states with the support best suited to the reforms they are pursuing,” he added, pointing out that an informal discussion was scheduled to take place at this part-session with the heads of the national delegations and the Chair of the Monitoring Committee, who would be introducing the debate.