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PACE satisfied with the first review of the partnership for democracy with the Moroccan Parliament

Strasbourg, 25.06.2013 – Two years after granting partner for democracy status to the Moroccan Parliament,* and considering that the prime aim of the partnership was progress in taking forward reforms, PACE today, in its first assessment, underlined the “important step taken by Morocco on the path to democratic reform” in adopting the new constitution, which enshrined certain fundamental principles, such as a commitment to human rights, the prohibition of all discrimination, the separation of powers and the strengthening of institutions, particularly of parliament.

Drawing on the conclusions of Luca Volontè (Italy, EPP/CD), rapporteur on the evaluation, the Assembly noted that granting this status to the Moroccan Parliament had created new dynamics in the co-operation between the Council of Europe and Morocco, as could be seen from the action plan adopted in April 2012, intended to foster the process of democratic transition in the country. PACE also took note of the Moroccan parliamentary delegation’s active participation in the work of the Assembly and its committees.

At the same time, the parliamentarians stressed the importance of continuing the reform process by adopting the necessary constitutional laws and establishing the planned governance structures so as to fully implement the democratic potential of the new constitution. They also called on the Moroccan Parliament to abolish the death penalty in law and meanwhile to declare a de jure moratorium on executions. The rights of association and freedom of expression for civil society organisations must also be ensured by the Parliament, according to PACE.

The Assembly will make a new assessment of the partnership within two years.

*The Moroccan Parliament was granted the status of partner for democracy with PACE on 21 June 2011, on the basis of Resolution 1818 (2011).